BFK458 Brakes

The InTorq BFK458 (formerly Lenze) Failsafe line of Industrial Brake are designed to provide a long reliable life in the most difficult industrial environments

The BFK458 brake is typically made up of the following components:

  • Stator:
    • CFI/USA Stock voltages: 24vdc, 103vdc, 205vdc (other Euro voltages available)
    • “E” style in stock. “N” style available.
      • Unless you have an encoder type device on back of brake, you can use the “E” to replace a “N”
  • Rotor:
    • Always plenty of CFI/USA stock
  • Hub: Pilot bore stocked any bore dimension available.
    • If you are servicing a brake in the field or replacing a 14.448 brake, you can reuse you existing hub 99% of the time. This reduces lead-time as a “bore” is the longest lead item.

How to Install an InTorq BFK458 Brake on a motor

How to Install an InTorq BFK457 Brake on a motor.